This document forms part of your invoice.

A1 - The schedule is subject to change. Further details including any alterations together with 'Check-In' times will be shown on the travel documents. Please check carefully as soon as received. No name changes allowed. You must use your flight tickets in the order shown on your documents. If you do not travel on any of the flights and/or do not show up at Check In at the specified time your reservation and all other flights you have booked will be cancelled by the airline with no recourse. If you have a problem contact the airline and this office.

Passenger's given names and surname as booked must match details as stated in passport, otherwise you may not be permitted to travel and any travel Insurance may not be valid. No name changes allowed. The reservations made are not transferable to another Airline. Tickets valid only on Airline/s as advised. Airport taxes are included however some countries/airports levy an extra tax payable locally. It is advisable to carry a small quantity of US dollars/Sterling and/or local currency for this purpose.

A2 - PASSPORT / VISA APPLICATIONS. Passports, Visas, Health requirements - Please ensure these are all in order, and acceptable for each Airline the passenger/s travel on and for each country that the passenger/s intend to visit and transit. Passengers must be in possession of full 10 year passports. For further information on adult/child ages-validity please check with Passport Office. Passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond the expected return date - for European and all other countries. there are some exceptions to this rule please check with this office/appropriate embassy.

A3 - See also Foreign Office Travel Advice and the Embassy for each country you are visiting for further information.

A4 - PASSPORT / VISA REGULATIONS of Airlines/Countries do alter from time to time and it is the responsibility of the passenger to ascertain the necessary requirements. Allow plenty of time if you are applying for a new Passport or Visa.

A5 - Passengers not holding BRITISH PASSPORTS must inform this office immediately by phone and also confirm in writing the exact title of NATIONALITY as described in their passport/s. Non UK passport holders applying for Visas in the UK often take longer to process. We recommend that non UK passport Holders contact the Embassy of the country being visited/transited to obtain information regarding VISA requirements. We cannot be held responsible for any delays incurred by passengers holding incorrect passport/visas. Please do not hesitate to request further information. Airlines will refuse boarding to those passengers whose documents are not in order.

A6 - FOR THE LATEST HEALTH INFORMATION - It is recommended that you check with your GP concerning the latest medical update for the country that you are visiting. For detailed information and application regarding the - EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD - Obtainable ONLINE at UK Gov European Health Card All world-wide country information,
Foreign Office Travel Advice

A7 - TRAVEL INSURANCE COVER Our advice - Travel Insurance is a must!. Cancellation and amendment charges apply to all bookings made through our Agency. Many tickets are non refundable and non changeable. We therefore strongly recommend that Insurance is purchased at the time of booking. Insurance Policies include Medical cover with 24 hour World-Wide Air Ambulance Service.
See Insurance information at Mike Coles Travel Normally rates vary with age. One Way cover also available. World-Wide Expatriate Insurance available. Holiday/ Business/Voluntary Workers Abroad/ Insurance. Cover for min 1 day - max 1 year. (Usually extendable—contact us for details). Insurance policies are issued on condition that passengers are not travelling against medical advice and are not aware of any reason why at the time the booking is made, the travel should not take place.

B1 – You must inform and obtain further information from the insurance company immediately if any of the passengers: Are receiving, or on a waiting list for an in-patient treatment in a hospital or nursing home. Expected to give birth before, or within two months following the date of arrival at her home address in the UK. Are travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment abroad. Have been referred to a consultant or received out-patient treatment in the last twelve months. Are suffering from any on-going pre-existing conditions.

B3 - Your attention is drawn to the fact that as with most insurances, under some sections you pay the first part of every claim settled ('the excess'). Please request detail of any excess waiver premium. Read the Policy Certificate carefully to ensure a full understanding of the cover and in the event of a possible claim follow the instructions given.

B4 - Always obtain written reports/receipts, to substantiate any claim.

B5 - BOOKING & CANCELLATION From the date/time the reservations are 'confirmed' as stated, it is accepted that you have agreed to the booking conditions and cancellation charges take effect from that time. Travel Documents/Tickets will be forwarded as soon as possible. . We must be able to contact the passengers by telephone or have a contact telephone number in case of emergencies at home and whilst away including e mail and mobile phone number/s.

B6 - ‘E TICKETS’ - ELECTRONIC TICKETS An E TICKET is the paperless electronic ticket. It’s paperless because when you book the details are safely stored on the airline computer booking system so there is no need to send you a paper ticket. And you cannot ‘lose’ your ticket! You will be given a ‘Booking Identification Number’ which you quote/present at Check In. Some airlines & Immigration offices insist you carry a printed copy of your E Ticket.

B7 - ONE WAY TICKETS It is the responsibility of the passenger/s to be in possession of correct and valid Passport & Visa Documents. (if required) in order to arrive at the destination with a one way ticket . (This also applies to transit points). Your documents must be in order before your departure. Where a country lays down certain requirements regarding arrival with 'one way' tickets Airlines will refuse boarding to those passengers whose documents are not in order before departure.

B8 - FOREIGN OFFICE TRAVEL ADVICE UNIT . There are times when it is very difficult for Travel Agents to advise a client as to when and how safe it is to travel to foreign countries, especially when a country is faced with a sudden disaster, terrorist activity or a major health problem . There are occasions when some Airlines will continue to fly, when others will not. We feel that simply because an Airline chooses to continue flying to a destination, under one of the above threats, this should not be taken as a guarantee that the country is a safe destination. Our advice is to contact the TRAVEL ADVICE UNIT attached to the FOREIGN OFFICE in London, they operate 24 hours, 7 days a week service. Clients that travel against the advice of the Foreign Office do so at their own risk. - Foreign Office Travel Advice

B9- MONEY - Credit cards are essential especially if you are hiring a car. A quantity of foreign currency is also useful.

C1 - On receipt of Tickets/Documents check all details, conditions, and instructions. Subject to the Ticketing & Carriage Conditions of the Airline/s/Carrier on which you travel.

C2 - CHECK IN Before the day of travel make sure you aware of the latest check in time for the flight. Our recommendations are below. Remember that check-in time is the latest time at the check-in desk, not for joining the back of the queue. If you miss the check-in deadline your place on the plane may go to someone on the waiting list and you will have no claim against the airline. You may have requested a particular seat, but the airline does not guarantee that you will get it, the earlier you check-in, the more likely you are to get the seat you want. You will usually be asked some questions about your luggage. These are security checks and you should answer the questions carefully. When you check in your luggage you should be given a receipt for each bag. The receipts are sticky labels that the check-in staff sticks to your ticket folder. Keep them safe. You will need them if your bag goes missing and you need to make a claim against the airline.

C3 - LATEST 'CHECK-IN' Before Departure Time: United Kingdom - Domestic Flights, Eire Flights: 90 minutes. European Flights: TWO HOURS. Intercontinental/International: THREE HOURS. Internal Flights in countries outside UK: TWO HOURS, Israel: THREE HOURS. Check online with the appropriate airline. Check on your travel documents.

C4 - RECONFIRMATION: Airlines may say that reconfirmation is not necessary however we strongly advise that you to recheck the timings/flight numbers as schedule changes can occur at any time. Therefore * Passengers MUST CHECK FLIGHT NUMBERS/FLIGHT DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL TIMES * Latest 4 working days before travel. Changes do occur and therefore it is imperative that passengers check with the Airline for the very latest information. Check from which TERMINAL the Airline departs. After your arrival at your destination, remember to reconfirm your onward or return flight/s direct with the Airline/s. Some Airlines will cancel your reservations if they do not hear from you at least 72 hours before departure. If your connecting/onward flight is less than 72 hours after your arrival you should still reconfirm.

C5 - YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION According to rulings from 01 June 2019 International Air Transport Association (IATA) your contact information: mobile phone and/or e mail, will be shared with the airline/s in case of operational disruptions. Carriers-Airlines will be able to use the information to advise passengers of irregular flight operations and disruptions. Your contact information in this respect will not be utilized for marketing or sales purposes, but instead will be for flight cancellations, schedule changes and other related operational notifications.

C6A - ONWARD/RETURN RESERVATIONS If you do not reconfirm your onward/return reservations your reservations may be cancelled. Please obtain airline telephone number/contact for reconfirming your onward/return reservations either at Check-In on day of departure for your first flight or on arrival at your destination. Stops en Route: Passengers may request information at ‘Check-In’ (ie fuel stops, or possible ‘change of aircraft) or telephone Airline Reservations beforehand.

C6B ALL FLIGHT SECTORS/TICKETS Tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable and must be used in sequential order for the specified journey and in the specified dates. If you miss a departing flight the airline will automatically cancel any onward flights and you have no recourse for a claim on unused flight tickets.

C7 - MEALS If you have special dietary requirements please request this at the time of booking and confirm direct with the Airline as soon as possible. IE Vegetarian, diabetic etc) and alert them to any allergies you may have but we must advise that this is a request basis and cannot be guaranteed. See more detail here

C8- AIRPORT ASSISTANCE For the disabled/elderly/or others requiring wheelchair or other assistance. Contact this office and the Airline for any special requirements.

C9 - SEAT REQUESTS Many airlines now make a charge for pre booking seat numbers. Your seat plan for each flight sector can usually be seen on your Airline website under your booking code. Seats can be reserved free of charge when Checking In Online or at Check In on day of departure. You may find the airline will automatically allocate your seats.
For useful information about seat plans for the majority of the world's aircraft, check here for seat plans at Airline Seat Plans

D1 - BAGGAGE CHECKED IN Many airlines are making a separate charge. Any free baggage allowance per passenger should be stated on your documents which is shown either in kilos – example - 20 kgs=20 kilos=approx 44 lbs) OR the number of pieces 2 pcs (2pcs=2 Items). There is also a limit on the physical size of a case. Check with this office and/or with your airline.

D2 - BAGGAGE CARRY ON Many airlines are making a separate charge. Check with this office or the airline for detail Children are usually given full allowance. Infants (under 2 yrs) are not normally given an amount, though allowance is made for essentials. Check with this office or your airline for latest information.

D3 - LUGGAGE LABELS When leaving home, for security reasons, complete only the outbound side of your labels. Home address details should be inside your baggage. Wait until you are about to come home before filling in the reverse side of luggage labels showing your home address.

D31 - BAGGAGE CONTENTS Never leave your baggage unattended. Never check-in baggage for other people. Keep money, jewellery, cameras, passport and other valuables with you. Don't pack them with hold baggage. Carry traveller 's cheques and credit cards rather than large amounts of cash.

D4 - DO NOT pack the following items in your hand luggage: Toy/replica guns (metal or plastic), Catapults, Household cutlery, Knives with blades of any length, Razor blades, Tools, Scissors, Tweezers, Hypodermic needles (unless required for medical reasons), Knitting needles, Darts, Sporting bats, Billiard/snooker or pool cues. If you are unsure of any items (or the weight) you wish to carry please call this office or contact your Airline direct.

D5 - Passengers are now advised to remove all electrical goods from ' checked baggage ' as a security measure. Electrical items should be carried in hand luggage only. Check with the airline.

'Excess Baggage' Airlines rarely grant ' Free excess baggage ' . Normal charges for ' checked baggage ' in excess of the ticketed weight (usually 20 kilos per passenger) are very high. Irrespective of the fare paid and class used by the passenger the charge can be 1% of the one-way , normal, direct adult first class through fare for each kilo in excess of the free allowance.

D6 - LATE CHECK LIST: Airline Tickets/Vouchers Passport. Visa (if required) Travel Insurance Policy, Driving Licence, International Driving Licence Credit Cards Travellers Cheques Currency Electrical Adaptor Medical/Medicine Kit Camera/Batteries Reading/Writing Material/Maps Sunglasses/Torch Money Belt Vaccination Certificates

D7 - Do allow plenty of time to get to the Airport. The most common cause of delay is traffic.

D8 - Privacy Policy If this page is printed please see the link on our website for wording

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