Reconfirmation and checking your flight information:-

Some airlines will say that it is not necessary to reconfirm your flights. However changes do occur and we strongly recommend passengers reconfirm reservations and check all details for outward and return flights. Be aware of any flight schedule changes/Terminal changes/Flight number changes.

  • Check - Flight numbers / departure & arrival timings.

  • Check - Terminal number

  • Checl - Airline flight numbers / schedules can alter at any time. is in your interest.

Allow plenty of time to get to the airport, the most common cause of
delay is traffic.

These are latest recommended 'Check In' times...ready at the check in
desk, not at the back of the queue. Allow extra time for delays in getting to the airport especially at busy times.

  • United Kingdom - Domestic Flights, Eire Flights: ONE HOUR

  • European Flights: TWO HOURS

  • Intercontinental/International: THREE HOURS

  • Internal Flights in countries outside UK: TWO HOURS
    Israel: THREE HOURS

  • Charter - Flights / Packaged Holidays -
    Check on your tickets/documents. Otherwise as above.

  • As soon as you receive your documents whether its invoices, tickets, E-tickets. CHECK all details immediately. Further information about 'Checking In' – ‘Heathrow Airport Guide - click here.

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