A group consists of 10 or more passengers travelling together. Excellent discounts for groups, although in some circumstances group rates can be available for 9 or less travelling together.

  • Special rates available

  • Subject to conditions, seats held without names

  • Group Check-In Facility

  • Group discounts on flights, packaged holidays, cruises, ferries.

  • Special discounted premium rates on Group Insurance - see 'Insurance page'

  • Request information on 'free seats' for groups

Examples of groups booked:

  • Expedition for a group of 60 army personnel taking 4 land rovers from UK to Cape Town. With crew changes at several points.

  • Group of over 200 passengers from all parts of the world visiting Nairobi for a Conference.

  • Group of over 200 passengers from UK by air to Poland.

  • Group of 470 Inbound - arranging local tours in Devon UK

  • Many missionary & aid groups worldwide

  • Regular booking of groups world-wide.

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